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Screened Topsoil

Along with sunlight and water, topsoil is the key ingredient for growing any plant. Plants concentrate their roots in, and obtain most of their vital nutrients from the topsoil it grows within.

When it comes to choosing topsoil, deciding whether to get screened or unscreened can make a big difference in how you are able to use it.

Unscreened vs. Screened Topsoil:

Unscreened topsoil is simply soil that has been excavated from a site. It has not been sifted or modified in any way. Its quality is coarse and may contain debris such as sticks, weeds, roots, and rocks. Unscreened topsoil is not suitable for gardening, landscaping or residential purposes.

Screened topsoil is the same natural soil as unscreened, but it has been sifted (or “screened”) to remove the debris. The finished product is easier to use, ideal for hand raking, and free from various lumps and bumps. Particle consistency of screened topsoil is determined by the mesh that is used to screen it. Applying topsoil with a consistent particle size across your garden allows water and nutrients to more easily flow through the soil, creating a healthier and more productive growing space.

Screened topsoil is ideal for gardening because it easily mixes with potting soils, compost, and fertilizer, and is generally loose and easy to amend for drainage.

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